July 11, 2017

Do you need a vlog?


A video blog, usually shortened to vlog, is exactly what it says on the tin – a blog in the form of a video. Vlogging is a strange phenomenon that thrives predominantly on YouTube, where individual users and businesses alike, film themselves and then upload the content online. But what are the benefits of vlogging and should you and your business be thinking about it?

More businesses are including vlogging in their marketing strategy, but why? If social media is the voice of your company, then vlogging is the face of your company. People like to know what they are investing in and to who their money is going to. It is nice to know you are purchasing from real-life people, rather than a faceless organisation. This is a perfect angle for start-up businesses who want to create a personal experience for their customers, and show the world their story.


There are 2 types of vlogs:

  • Personal vlogs – filmed prior to uploading, generally addressing a specific audience.
  • Live broadcasting vlogs – social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram now have the option for live video where the audience is usually much larger and less specific.

One of the most renowned vloggers for business is Gary Vaynerchuk who started vlogging on YouTube in an attempt to promote his families wine business. Wine Library TV was incredibly successful and grew his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million.

Live videos are an excellent way to make your brand feel more real, to reach a larger audience and expose your brand. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to post these live videos but Snapchat is an upcoming app with untapped potential. More businesses are using Snapchat to show short clips (10 seconds or under) of life in the office, or as a way to keep people updated on certain projects.

Nowadays our attention spans are shorter than ever so engaging with audiences is becoming more difficult. As a result, the shorter the video the better - if you can say it in 5 seconds, don’t say it in 10.

The biggest benefit of vlogging is to be able to engage with your audience and increase your brand exposure. You have the chance to portray your company as personable, approachable and relatable, so that people aren’t just buying into a brand - they’re buying into you.