June 28, 2017

3 social media posts all restaurants put out (and why they’re boring)


The 'Best X in town' post

Unless you can justify this claim, with an award (any award will do), then it just looks clichéd and tired. We have the best burgers in town! Do you really? Or do you just have an empty restaurant you’re trying to fill right now?

post-1 post-2

The 'Come join us' post

See above. If you’ve got time to post this on social media – you’re not exactly rushed off your feet. And yes, to pre-empt your e-mails, I do realise you can schedule it (I work in marketing) but the whole point of scheduled posts is that they don’t look scheduled.So if you’re going to schedule – do something that looks real-time and energised rather than scheduled and stale (see below.)


Endless, endless food posts

You’re a restaurant that serves food? Really? That’s so interesting.
Ok, so I’m not saying that restaurants are never allowed to post pictures of their food. However, what I am saying is that if that’s all you post – I will be unliking/ unfollowing your page in a hurry.

So, what is allowed?

Ok, so we’ve had the bad. Now for the good. What should you do to replace the posts above?


Whether these are written or recorded, telling stories is infinitely more engaging than just trying to sell your restaurant to people. Post a quick tweet (or even a thread) about something that happened in the restaurant – this could be a proposal, a famous-ish visitor, or even just a funny conversation. Just be sure you get permission from everyone involved!

You can even simply pick up a phone and take a quick video of the atmosphere in the restaurant, or a member of the waiting team joking with a customer or even straight down the barrel.

Ask questions / engage!

You might now be beginning to see a theme developing. Don't simply talk about yourself, and talk about your specific products but rather your social media should give something for people to really connect with.
Below is an example of quite a boring question, but it’s still much better than all the posts above. You could ask questions with a bit more life, which can start a debate and really drive engagement – for example, ketchup or brown sauce?


So go and get active on social media. But don’t be every other restaurant. Please I can’t take it any more.